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Geometric Power Plant: After 20 Years, Orji Kalu’s Dream for Electricity in Abia Becomes a Reality

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According to Cambridge Dictionary, Statesmanlike is typical of or seeming like an experienced politician or member of a profession, who deserves respect.

I decided to use the word “statesmanlike” to describe speeches made by the duo of Governor Alex Otti of Abia, and Prof. Barth Nnaji during the commissioning of Geometric Power Project on Monday, February 26, 2024.

The inauguration of the 188MW Geometric Power Plant in Aba, Abia State, marks a pivotal development, poised to significantly alter the energy narrative for its residents.

This development is not just a milestone for Aba but a beacon of progress for Nigeria’s broader electricity challenges, characterized by issues in power generation, transmission, and distribution.

According to Nairametrics, the size of the Geometric Power Plant is impressive for the Aba ring-fenced coverage area. For example, Lagos State, one of Nigeria’s most industrialized regions, generates about 800-1000MW of electricity monthly, despite a demand estimated at 2000MW.

Abia State, under the Enugu Distribution Company (Disco), receives a mere 11.8% of power from the national grid, equating to about 472MW, to be distributed across its and neighboring states.
This allocation falls short of meeting the region’s energy needs, making the introduction of the Geometric Power Plant’s 188MW particularly noteworthy.

To grasp the magnitude of this development, a 185MW power plant operating 24/7 should generate approximately 135,360,000 kWh of electricity per month.

Assuming an average consumption of roughly 500 kWh per household, this capacity could potentially impact around 270,720 households. This is one reason why Geometric Power’s 188MW plant is a significant development.
The 188MW capacity of the Geometric Power Plant signifies a monumental shift towards addressing the power deficit in Aba and potentially, surrounding areas.

This plant could theoretically support around 270,00 households, assuming an average household consumption of 500kWh. Such a figure highlights the plant’s potential to considerably alleviate the energy scarcity in Abia State.

The Geometric Power Plant initiative was conceived as far back as 2004 during the second tenure of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.

While outlining the significant role played by Governor Kalu, the incumbent Governor, Dr. Alex Otti said: “I consider it appropriate to appreciate the efforts of former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, who gave the initial waivers to Geometric, thereby derisking the transaction.

“If those waivers were not in place, I’m not too sure as a banker, I would have touched it,” Otti said while underscoring Kalu’s dedication to the Geometric power plant.

Similarly, the founder of the project, Prof. Barth Nnaji acknowledged the role played by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu in making the project a reality without any form of political coloration to it, contrary to some insinuations by some political jobbers and online urchins that “the project wouldn’t have happened had former Governor Theodore Orji not intervened in the manner he did”.

The issues around this project are way beyond politics. Therefore, political jobbers like Goodluck Ibem — who is notoriously known dishing out soft and sponsored articles, and many other wannabe writers, trying to please their masters must not be allowed to overheat the polity, thereby scaring investors away from Abia state. It is important they emulate the statesmanlike confessions of Governor Otti and Prof. Nnaji in acknowledging the magnificent role of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu in making the project a reality.

Ukoha Kalu writes from Aba, Abia State.

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Geometric Power Plant: After 20 Years, Orji Kalu’s Dream for Electricity in Abia Becomes a Reality

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Statesmanlike is typical of or seeming like an experienced politician or member of a profession,...

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