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His Excellency Dr Orji Uzor Kalu. Known for his strong belief in the power of education, Dr Kalu was not only a successful businessman but also a former governor of Abia state.

He gave free education as governor and was also giving free school uniforms to the pupils, free school bags and free sandals….

So when you see ouk renovating schools now, you will know he did not just start it today as a senator…

The palm fruit he to the pupils when he was governor of Abia state has today become some people source of income.

During his tenure as governor, Dr Kalu had implemented several groundbreaking policies, one of which was to provide free education for every child in Abia. This noble act ensured that even the poorest families could send their children to school, breaking down barriers and opening doors of opportunities for countless young minds.

Years had passed since Dr Kalu’s time as governor, but his commitment to education remained unwavering. Realizing that the education system in his beloved Abia north region was in dire need of improvement, he embarked on a new mission to renovate the schools he had built during his tenure.

With his vast resources, His Excellency Dr Orji Uzor Kalu poured his heart and soul into revamping these educational institutions. Dilapidated classrooms were reconstructed, outdated facilities were modernized, and technology was seamlessly integrated into the learning environment. No child would have to learn in substandard conditions anymore.

The transformation was not just physical; Dr Kalu recognized the importance of quality education as well. He gathered the brightest and most passionate educators, provided them with the necessary tools and training, and encouraged innovative teaching methods that would ignite a love for learning in the hearts of the students.

Word of Dr Kalu’s admirable efforts spread like wildfire throughout the region. Parents, students, and teachers were filled with hope and gratitude for the man who had selflessly dedicated himself to their education. The impact was palpable – test scores improved, dropout rates decreased, and the Abia north region began to thrive academically.

Dr Kalu believed that education was not merely about acquiring knowledge but also about nurturing leadership skills and empowering young minds to envision a better future. To inspire the next generation, he started inviting successful individuals from various fields to share their stories and provide mentorship to the students.

The once-neglected schools became vibrant hubs of learning and creativity. Dr Kalu’s vision for education had come to life. The students were filled with a newfound passion for knowledge, their dreams expanded, and they began to recognize their own potential.

Years later, as those students grew into successful adults, they never forgot the impact that His Excellency Dr Orji Uzor Kalu had on their lives. They carried the torch of education forward, advocating for its importance and giving back to their communities.

Dr Kalu’s dedication and commitment to education had transformed not only the physical infrastructure but also countless lives. His legacy would forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those who benefited from his selfless acts. And as the story continues, he continues his journey, creating a brighter future, one school at a time.
Look below and see some of the schools he renovated in Arochukwu…..,.

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