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Hate him or like him we need to drop our anger or what we imagine somewhere and try decoding and explaining OUKs master stroke to Yorubas and South-south political elites. He’s simply saying the Yorubas and South-south are trying to play us, let’s outsmart them.

Listen to him again, OUK is simply saying 2023 is the turn of Nde Igbo to be Nigerian President going by the unwritten political arrangement that made Obasanjo president in 1999, when Ogbonnaya Onu and Alex Ekwueme had to compromise to make an all Yoruba ticket possible in both parties. Igbos supported Jonathan to make South-south President possible. And, for the past 7 going to 8 years a Yoruba has been Vice President.

You can’t now throw it open when it’s the turn of the South-East when we all know the Igbo man lack the voting capacity to compete with the other ethnic groups. The Yorubas and our South-south brothers ought to reciprocate the sacrifices we made for them.

If the like of streetwise Orji Uzor Kalu does not wake up to face reality and do what he is doing early enough, then the yorubas will use their proximity to power and chance out Igbos to the presidency. If the Yoruba or South-South takes power and govern for 8 years, the north will come back insisting it’s their turn. That’s 16 years gone added to the already to the 24 years gone since 1999, that will be 40 years of democracy in Nigeria without an Igbo President.

Now, it won’t just stop there. There’s no grantee that the north again the Yorubas and South-south won’t come back again asking for power when it’s the South turn.

Knowing the north, if PDP and APC even brings out a south or Igbo President, they will go for Kwankwaso another northern.

So, Orji and Co thought it wise that since the Yoruba and South-south want to sabotage us, it will wise to get vice president seat by being the initial early supporters of fulani from North-East, since the yorubas have broken the Southern accord by brazingly and insultingly wanting to usurp the Eastern presidency zoning. It is clear what has happened and why he is making this argument. Why some of our people don’t seem or pretend not to understand him is what l don’t know. He is simply saying, ok, we have been waiting and we’re being played. Instead of waiting for another 16 years or even 32 years added to the 40 years we have already waited, why not accept Vice President and just wait for 8 years.

The yoruba race has decided to sabotage the south east presidency zoning. Everyone in yoruba land has been buying the form and feigning anger when questioned about equity to igbos. In that case, Orji Uzor kalu is simply saying, let it go back to the North. If the South-West and South-south can be this wicked to the east, then let the Fulanis carry on for another 8 years. Let us all keep jostling to serve the fulanis and see who is worst hit in the long run.
That’s what he’s saying.

In saying that he’s not stopping the aspiration of any Igbo man from being President of Nigeria. He’s just insisting that let’s not put all our eggs in one basket. He really felt betrayed and he is playing the right type of politics to show it.

Believe me Orji Uzor Kalu has for the first time waked up to the deceit called one Nigeria. He may not join us in street protests across the social media space. But he has started a political protest. Let’s not crucify him. Just join me in saying Good morning to this streetwise political Baba.

Oga, OUK Good morning. If you sack me at Sun Newspaper because l told you the truth l will lead a street protest and make sure you join us in carrying the protest banner. You know l will do it. I am that mad and stubbornly yours brother and friend.

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