A politician at electioneering campaign once thundered, ” I will work for you!” Post election and in victory, it was left for the electorate to conclude if he worked for them or otherwise.

Ondo South is twice lucky to have as their Federal Legislator at the Upper Chamber of The National Assembly a cerebral ‘ bookworm’ whose love for academic execellence has seen him traversed some of the major Ivy League institutions of higher learning abroad, bagging serial Doctoral Degrees in his bid to widen his intellectual horizon. Beyond his avowed love for learning, he is a philantropist as a politician who has a golden second address as a career businessman of international standing, unlike many a politician who beyond politics do not have a second address.

Enter Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, a Lawyer and Tax expert per excellence, two distinctive holder of Phd in Business and in War Studies respectively, holder of the prestigeous national honour of The Commander of the Order of The Federal Republic ( CFR) , Champion of Community Development better espoused in his Ivy League standard Fountain University established in his country home, Igbotako and a Senator of the Federal Repubic.

From the foregoing , there is no gainsaying the fact that his Senatorial District is twice lucky to have him represent them at The Red Chamber where Legislations that matter as regards national development are concerned.

One is therefore not surprised that Senator Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim took it upon himself to sponsor a bill for the establishment of a Federal College of Education at Igbekebo in the hinterland of Ese Odo in Ondo South. A strategic thinker that he is, he obviously had it in mind to ensure that the lacking federal presence in his Senatorial District is positioned in the area that will bridge the gap and widen the reach , while at the same time make education achievable for the youths without having to travel far for the laurel.

The news flash came with a touch of good tidings for a senatorial district that narrowly missed the siting of a Federal Polytechnic in its suburb not quite long ago and as the screen scrolls the flash, ” Senator Jimoh Ibrahim’s sponsored bill for the establishment of Federal College of Education, FCE Igbekebo passes first reading,” it brings to mind Jimoh Ibrahim’s campaign promise specifically hinged on ensuring the all round development of Ondo South through massive human and capital developmment drive and unrestrained empowerment of the youths and women.

Ibrahim, known for his midas touch and unrelenting effort in pursuing development agenda, the people of Igbekebo in Ese Odo can sit in relax mood and beam with iron cast confidence that their Senator will follow up on the bill with the two remaining legislative readings and other necessary leverage to bring to their door step the first ever federal presence on the education front in Ondo South District.

When politicians make promises at election campaigns, the circumspect electorate watch and observe wether such promises are genuine or mere cajolery, the one people tag in the social lingo ” Lori Iro”, thus, the electorate keep a tab on the politician having won election to tick their election promises either in the negative or the positive. Taken against this background, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim’s 100 days in office 30 million Naira social benefits and empowerment to 100 people in his Senatorial District, the flagging off of Road Rehabilitation works on major roads across the District and this sure footed legislative assurance of bringing the Federal College of Education to Igbekebo are strong ticks for a Senator that is worth the quality representation he assured his constituents prior to the poll.

His Midas touch in business and politics say much about his persona and his intellectual angle to dialetics and reasoning set him apart ; no doubt Senator Jimoh Ibrahim’s constituents are in safe hands as far as his legislative drive and promises are concerned and in a manner of speaking, there is more giant legislative drive coming from ‘ the Jimoh Ibrahim of The Midas Touch.